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For over three decades Edward played in various church bands during which he wrote or cowrote about 200 songs. His latest music project is called So Many Nothings (a reference from Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress) and can be purchased online here:

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Music Biography

Ed began playing violin at the age of 8 years old under the instruction of Phoenix Symphony bassist Barry Olsen. Mr. Olsen quickly redirected Ed to cello, and graciously gave private lessons for free for the greater part of that year. For the next six years, Ed played cello in various orchestras, and occasionally filled in on violin, viola, and the stand-up bass. His earliest desire was to play bass guitar, but this was hindered by near-poverty. At the age of 13, Ed started learning guitar and dabbling in piano, and was accepted into a school jazz band playing bass guitar. The following year he received three gracious blessings: 1) He was able to take a college-level music theory course through the local high school at no charge, 2) multiple families in his church pitched in together and bought him a bass guitar for use in the music ministry, and 3) another family in his church paid for him to have piano lessons for over six months. In Ed's words, "It is even as Christ said, 'You would have nothing unless it had been given you from above!'"